Fishing In Limerick

The South Court Hotel is an idlyic base for your relaxing fishing trip. Our friendly reception team are happy to suggest fishing trips, transportation, dining and entertainment during your getaway. We also offer complimentary use of our storage facilities as well as free on-site parking and WIFI. Limerick is home to the majestic Shannon River which is great for fishing and offers a large variety of Salmon, Trout, Pike which are just some of the treasures of the Shannon River.  Whether you are a novice fisherman or an experienced angler, visitors can experience plenty of well-stocked mountains streams, rivers and lakes offering excellent opportunities during your fishing trip. 

Due to Limerick’s weather of temperate summers, and mild winters and moderate rainfall Limerick is a key fishing destination. There are two main angling venues on the Shannon in the immediate Limerick area i.e. at Annacotty (5 kms) from Limerick, Plassy (in Limerick City). The Plassey stretch is on the Shannon near Limerick university. In addition, there is some very good pike angling at Castleconnell.


Plassey on the River Shannon is located 20 minutes from the South Court Hotel and lies adjacent to Limerick University. Due to poor access, this section is under fished but can produce very good fishing if the effort is put in and the angler is prepared to explore and experiment. Angling from a boat for any kind of fish is prohibited in this area and there is no parking facilities except at the University. There is difficult access requiring a 300m walk to the river bank. 


Castleconnell is in a beautiful location about 10 kms northeast of Limerick City. It is better known as a Salmon fishery but has two stretches where pike fishing is possible. The first is situated upstream of Beat 1 on Castleconnell Salmon Fishery. There is a public car park here and open bank fishing is possible upstream of the car park.