Customer Notice COVID-19

The well-being of our employees and guests is of the foremost importance to us here at The South Court Hotel.

We have put in place preparatory measures and guidance to assist our guests mitigate the potential risks posed to public health and our business by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Simple measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 which we have taken in our hotel:

· We promote regular hand-washing by displaying posters in customer and employee WCs encouraging good hand washing practice with soap and water.

· We have prominently displayed alcohol-based hand sanitisers in various areas. such as Hotel Reception, Breakfast Buffet, Bar & Restaurant, these are refilled as and when required.

· We promote good respiratory hygiene by displaying posters in WCs encouraging good respiratory hygiene.

· We carry out regular cleaning of public areas, elevators etc. to an excellent standard using disinfectant.

Hotel Bedroom servicing:

· We have implemented full procedures for sanitising guestrooms including all touch points e.g. remote controls, handles, light switches.

· The changing of bed linen will only occur upon request of our guest and is only applicable every 5 days for our long term stay guests.

· Fresh towels will be placed in a bag and left outside the bedroom every second day along with tea/coffee and milk.

· Used/soiled towels can be placed back into the bag and left outside your bedroom door and our accommodation department will collect for laundering.

· A spare black bag for rubbish will be supplied which can also be left outside the bedroom door and will be collected by our accommodation department prior to 1:00pm daily.

· If you wish for your room to be fully serviced at any time please contact the front desk prior to 09.00 hours on the day the service is required.

Following the guidelines set out by the government for Covid-19, we request that you adhere to the social distancing regulations. HSE current guidelines are 2 meters away from another person.

If you have any questions regarding any of the directions above or in general please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe and well,

We are all in this together.

Dermot Kelly,

Executive General Manager