Lough Gur

Lough Gur is a magical and mysterious place that is rich in folklore along with a wealth of archaeology and history dating back to Stone Age times. Located just 25 minutes from us here at The South Court Hotel, Lough Gur is suitable for all ages and the ideal day out when looking for things to do in Limerick. 

Lough Gur is not just a lake but an enchanting place of stone circles, megalithic tombs, crannogs, ring forts and castles. You can enjoy stunning views and walks around the lakeshore which are sure to impress but you’ll also find ancient burial mounds, megalithic tombs, forts and standing stones scattered around this mysterious landscape. The magical fairy trail and superb Solstice Playground are a big hit with the little ones.

Lough Gur is home to Ireland's largest and oldest stone circle and also at one point in time it was also home to the largest concentration of Giant Irish Deer in Europe. 

The Heritage Centre at Lough Gur displays the rich heritage of Lough Gur through interactive multimedia exhibitions that brings to life over 6,000 of archaeology and history. Fully trained and qualified guides are also on hand to answer all of your questions. The exhibition is suitable for all ages and brings the visitor on a journey through the history of Lough Gur starting during the Mesolithic Era, and progressing until the 19th century.

Guided Tours are available. 

You won't be disappointed after a visit to Lough Gur, just 25 minutes from the Soiuth Court Hotel.