Environmental Management Policy

Here at the Great National South Court Hotel, we believe that everyone has a part to play in achieving environmentally friendly surroundings for all our staff and guests. 

We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel by taking relevant steps to improve our energy consumption throughout, minimise waste and reduce water consumption where possible, without affecting our guest’s comfort.

We source environmentally friendly alternatives to current appliances, fixtures and fittings, where possible.

Such initiatives already undertaken by the hotel include:

·         The fitting of new aerated shower heads in all our 124 bedrooms to reduce water consumption

          and heating costs.

·         Tent cards in all bathrooms which provide our guest’s the option of reusing their towels.

·         The installation of urinal flush control systems on public toilets, providing savings of up to

          80% on metered water bills.

·         Utilising E-invoices where possible to reduce paper consumption.

·         Segregation of waste throughout the hotel to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

·         Reducing, reusing and recycling the resources consumed by our business wherever practical.

·         Servicing and reviewing our major plant equipment on a regular basis.

·         Bulk purchasing is utilised where possible to reduce packaging and transport costs.

·         We purchase our meat, fish and vegetable locally.

We endeavour to support local enterprises as much as possible by “buying local”, advertising in local newspapers and by promoting local events, attractions and businesses to our guests.